Dessert Lady: Best Bakery & Dessert Shop in Toronto

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Thanks everyone for being patient with me waiting for another sweet review!! I been busy completing my last course for my certificate in Event Management and finished writing my final exam for it.

Easter is one of my fave holidays as it is the beginning of Spring where we get more sunny, bright and warm days ahead with the beauty of the colourful flowers and trees. Despite this earlier this week with the crazy snow in April in Toronto, this weekend has been a warmer weekend. I hope everyone enjoys the sunny day! Easter Holiday is usually the perfect time to indulgence my sweet cravings.

One of my fave bakeries in Toronto is Dessert Lady. I discovered Dessert Lady a few years ago and ever since then, it is definitely one of the places I go when I’m looking to satisfy my sweet cravings. Dessert Lady is a cozy and welcoming bakery shop located in the heart of Yorkville. The Dessert Lady specializes in a wide variety of all natural, home-made products such as: ice cream, chocolate truffles, cookies, special occasion cakes, cupcakes, and much more!


Dessert Lady has always satisfied me with their delicious, soft, and sweet pastries and desserts! Over the years, I have tried many products from Dessert Lady and each time I tried another delicious item I didn’t think it would be better than the last treat I had, but I was wrong lol!! I have tried from special occasion cakes to cookies to macarons to cupcakes to tarts, etc. Dessert Lady always has something for everyone to try!!

I have always loved Dessert Lady pastries and desserts because of the fact that they make their products fresh and it is home-made on a daily basis. I have also done in the past some custom specialty cakes and it always turns out beautifully done and delicious of course! Recently, Dessert Lady started creating their 3D Wow Cakes and I definitely recommend everyone to take a look at their samples on the website and in person, they look stunning!

I would like to personally thank Dessert Lady for the gift card that I won on Twitter, such an honor to be chosen as one of the winners in celebration for their 9th Anniversary!

I would like to wish Dessert Lady, Happy 9th Anniversary!!

Yesterday I stopped by Dessert Lady to pick up my prize and it was a perfect time to pick up some sweets for Easter and for my sweet cravings and to share it with my family as well!! I decided on some sweet Easter cupcakes, half a dozen of French macarons (flavours I chose are: Crunchy Hazelnut, Matcha Green Tea Vanilla, Raspberry, Lemon, Earl Grey, and Pistachio), and first time getting the fresh banana loaf that I been always wanting to try, but never did. If you love banana loaf, please get one from Dessert Lady, it was just delicious, one of the best I ever ate!! Wow!!!! I love their Easter chocolate lollipops that they had! Very cute!! Please check out my photos below for my delicious & sweet treats!





I have tried Dessert Lady’s French macarons before and it is one of my sweet desserts to try when I go there!! My fave flavour is Raspberry. I always love trying new flavours when I go there!

One of my fave pastry that I must get when I’m at Dessert Lady are their oatmeal raisin cookies! I simply just love them, their oatmeal raisin cookies are perfectly made, soft and fresh every time I get them!!! They remind me of cookies that my mom made when I was younger!! I definitely recommend their cookies to everyone! A few weeks ago I stopped by Dessert Lady again and picked up some soft oatmeal raisin cookies, please see below my photo with my Dessert Lady mug!


Dessert Lady not only has delicious and fresh unique products, but they provide exceptional customer service. When I walk in to Dessert Lady, I always feel welcome with their friendly greetings and happy smiles! I love the friendly atmosphere at Dessert Lady along with their fresh and sweet baking aroma of cakes, pies, cookies, and more! You can’t help but to come in and enjoy one of their sweets!

I definitely recommend everyone to please visit Dessert Lady and enjoy their delicious and sweet pastries and desserts at:

Address: 12 Cumberland Street, Toronto, ON


Follow them on Facebook @DessertLady & Twitter @DessertLady_TO

I hope that everyone is enjoying their long Easter weekend with their family and loved ones!! I’m enjoying my sweet treats for this Easter. Now onto my next sweet adventure….


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