Love Gelato? Try My New Fave Gelato Place: .Gelato Simply Italian in Yorkville

Hi everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of updates as I been sick and finally feeling better. I couldn’t eat much sweets when I was sick, which is not much fun for me as you all know I love my sweets!! For now enjoy this short yet sweet review on one of my fave kind of desserts: Gelato.

What’s the first thing I do when I’m better, I discovered a new Italian Gelato place in Yorkville with our warmer weather in late Spring. It has been a chilly Spring, but that didn’t keep me from having a sweet cool dessert. A few weeks ago on a warmer day in T.O., I was shopping at Yorkville and discovered: .Gelato Simply Italian.

Gelato Exterior

I don’t know how I missed this Gelato place as I love Gelato more than I love traditional ice cream as it’s more creamy and something about it makes it more special than ice cream I guess. .Gelato Simply Italian is a small location located in the heart of Yorkville, which is their 2nd location. Their first location is at Yonge and Eglinton. I haven’t been to that one yet. Despite the small location, it makes it a cozy and welcoming place to grab a quick dessert or you can still sit and enjoy your dessert as there are a few tables that available to sit. It wasn’t busy when I was there as it was during the day on a weekday, but I’m sure when it’s a lot warmer and hotter especially in the summer time that it will be quite a busy place.

I ordered the smallest size with a combination mix, which I love that about Gelato that you can combine two flavours and I got mango and raspberry! I have to admit the price was a bit more expensive than other Gelato places I been to or just a bit more than others, but it was all worth every bite. It was simply delicious!!!! It was soft and authentic Gelato! You can tell right away with the first bite! Not every Gelato tastes that good so I’m glad that I found this place! If it is authentic, price doesn’t matter! Taste for me is more important.

.Gelato has grown to include 163 flavours with specialty flavours being introduced regularly. .Gelato also offers: Italian espresso and started offering other gourmet items such as crepes, chocolates, cookies, and panettone.

Lastly, I have to mention that they have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff that works there. I received a very friendly service by the staff there especially when I was leaving as I actually left one of my shopping bags there and they were nice enough to mention it to me.



**Side Note: If you noticed that this time I changed up the photos a bit as I been working with a new Photo Editor that I found and seem to be working well with me. So I hope that you are enjoying the new format of the photos with the Polaroid frame that I’m using for this particular review. Hope you guys like it! I will see what I will come up with for the next review for those photos!**

With our late warm Spring weather finally upon us, why not stop by .Gelato Simply Italian at Yorkville for an authentic, sweet, and soft filled with variety of flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth this late Spring and into the summer!! I definitely recommend this Gelato place!! This might be one of my new fave places to eat Gelato when I’m downtown! Looking forward to coming back here in the summer for more delicious Gelato!!

You can find .Gelato Simply Italian at:

Address: 146 Cumberland Street


Follow them on Facebook @.GelatoSimplyItalian & Twitter @G_SimplyItalian

For now, I leave you with this sweet review as I’m headed on my Myrtle Beach trip next week! Maybe I will bring you guys back with a sweet review from Myrtle Beach, until my next sweet adventure…


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