My Favourite Downtown Brunch Place in Toronto: Eggspectation

Hi everyone!!

I’m starting off the 2016 New Year with a delightful and scrumptious late afternoon brunch that I enjoyed this past weekend. I would love to share my new fave brunch place with my sweet readers! Brunches are always perfect on the weekends who doesn’t love a late morning or afternoon light & sweet meal to enjoy on their relaxing weekend. Wait, you might be saying, this is not about desserts or sweets. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten my love for desserts, but the one thing that comes pretty close is I also love my breakfast foods especially brunches!

For those who don’t know, bunches are a combination of breakfast and lunch and it’s perfect for me as I love enjoying my late afternoon brunch on my leisurely weekends so having a late afternoon meal is just perfect for me.

I love brunches because they have a combination of sweet and savory component. Some of my fave brunches include: usually the Big Breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes as well as I love pancakes, crepes and French Toast which is where the sweet components are and that’s where my love for sweets clearly stands out still. I love having either my sweet tea or smoothie or mimosas during my brunches too. Mimosas are great to celebrate the weekend with a bit of bubbly and fruity drink!

In Toronto, there is a large variety of restaurants to choose from for brunches and particularly this time of season in the winter, it is a perfect time to warm up to a delicious hot brunch. With all these restaurant choices, where to go you may ask? Well, I been to several places to have brunches now and finally found my fave new spot for brunch this past weekend at Eggspectation Restaurant & Cafe.

Eggspectation Restaurant & Café is located in the core of Downtown Yonge near Nathan Phillips Sqaure and a short distance from the Eaton Centre at the Bell Trinity Square. It is a perfect location for shoppers at the Eaton Centre to enjoy this warm & welcoming café known for delicious breakfast foods but also serving lunch & dinner. I love their variety with their selection of crepes, waffles, eggs, omelets, French toast, their famous Eggs benedicts or Burger to their smoothies, fresh fruits & desserts.

Why Eggspectation? Well, I would definitely recommend Eggspectation Restaurant & Café because of their warm, stylish interior, friendly customer service and delicious selection of foods.

As mentioned, this past weekend on a very cold day in T.O., I stopped by Eggspectation while I was shopping at Eaton Centre and actually my sister mentioned Eggspectation as she knew how much I love brunches and now I’m sharing this delicious & cozy brunch spot with my sweet readers.

I had a late brunch that Saturday afternoon and usually I heard it was busy but when I went it wasn’t that busy and was seated right away. I enjoyed their friendly service and their warm & stylish ambiance. I love their interior of the restaurant with unique lighting, wall framed art and this old fashion feel to the environment along with the side had an open concept kitchen that you were able to see in.

I had the most amazing fluffy Strawberry Pancakes with icing sugar on top and on the side a Canadian maple syrup with a side of scrambled eggs as to me no brunch is complete without some form of eggs. I simply love their pancakes, it was fluffy and soft made perfectly to me! What better with pancakes than sweet & fresh Strawberries on top! Love my sweet pancakes!! I also had the Perfectly Pink smoothie which was consisted of Raspberry, Strawberry and Greek Yogurt with cranberry juice. It was a bit sour for me. But they have a great selection for healthy smoothies & would love to try another one more suited for me!

It was actually hard to choose what I wanted to eat from the menu as I wanted to try every item on the menu as it sounded so delicious lol!!

My delicious Strawberry Pancakes upclose, couldn’t resist posting it again!

So if you are looking for a delicious, warm atmosphere, friendly customer service, and with a large selection of yummy breakfast foods in the many brunch spots available in Toronto, look no further than Eggspectation Restaurant & Café! I can’t wait to go back to try other delicious breakfast food from Eggspectation. They definitely did not disappoint me in satisfying me with their brunch menu!

If you are looking for locations, Eggspectation only has one location in Toronto but if you live in the Ottawa & Quebec area they have several locations in the Quebec area, so I would definitely recommend you trying it if you live in that area. Funny how I was in Montreal this past Oct 2015 and was going to try Eggspectation now I know I will definitely be checking out Eggspectation in Montreal when I’m back in that area for my love of breakfast foods!

The beautiful Christmas tree still up at Nathan Phillips Sqaure with the City Hall behind it

If you were not craving for the perfect combination of some sweet & savory breakfast foods before, you might be now as it’s almost the weekend and brunches are perfect for any late mid-day weekend meal to warm up your sweet tastebuds to.

For now, hope you enjoy my sweet & scrumptious late morning brunch meal at Eggspectation Restaurant & Café, onto my next sweet adventure…

-Sweet B.

For more information on Eggspectation Restaurant & Café,

Address: 483 Bay Street, South Tower, Toronto, ON, M5G 2C9

For other locations, please check their website.


You can also check them out on Facebook -> Eggspectation – Bell Trinity Square


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