A Sweet Update

A Sweet Update

(Dreaming of warmer & sunny days ahead for Summer

w/ this adorable Ice Cream Cookie frm Mad Batter Bakers)

Hi everyone,

I’m back!!! So sorry I haven’t posted a new blog post for awhile now! I know it’s been awhile since you guys, my readers have gotten their sweet craving fix of desserts & more! Don’t u all worry (a sigh of relieve lol!!) as I’m still here & still have more to share with everyone for my love of sweets and desserts.

So you might have been wondering what is going on with me since the last blog entry, well, I have experienced some health issues during the last month it is not something major, but a minor issue that I have to learn to adapt and change in my life. The minor issue is changing my diet because of certain food that my upsets my digestive system called: Food Sensitivity, which is what it is called. I’m still in the beginning stages, but I’m trying to be healthier and still finding a balance & the right changes to my dietary. But things are definitely better now.

All this is still new to me and I want you all to know that it doesn’t change my cravings for sweets as I have always had a sweet tooth. Lucky me I still can have certain or most sweets still and there are definitely alternatives to still enjoy desserts.

So with that said, been working on a new blog post and it will be posted by next week. May is a busy month for me as in 2 weeks I will be going to Florida this year for my yearly vacation. I usually have 1 big trip per year and a few getaways in between to destress & relax.

I hope to come back from my Florida trip with a sweet review for everyone as you all know I love discovering new dessert places esp when I’m travelling.

I’m looking forward to getting back on track with my sweet blog and giving you my readers something to look forward to this summer with new healthy or non-healthy desserts places and of course summer means outdoor fun food events as I already looking forward to attending a few!

Until then, I’m off with my new perception on a healthier, but still sweet adventure…

-Sweet B.

For more Information on Mad Batter Bakers:

Website: www.madbatterbakers.com

You can also find them on Instagram @madbatterbakers, Twitter @MadBatterBakers & Follow them on Facebook @Mad Batter Bakers.


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