Best Homemade Pies in Toronto: Wanda’s Pie in the Sky Bakery Cafe

Hi everyone,

How is everyone enjoying this summer-like warm Fall weather in Toronto?? I love warm and sunny days for Fall to enjoy the colourful leaves & enjoying being outside while it’s not that cold yet and I love my hot apple ciders on cooler Fall evenings and warm desserts.

There’s so much to love about the Fall season and this weekend we celebrate for my Canadian readers & me, Thanksgiving, where we gather & spend time with our families and friends to give thanks and share a wonderful delicious meal together. If you are wondering, what perfect dessert would go well to end your Thanksgiving dinner? My suggestion would be pies. From their flaky crusts to fruity center, pies are always a sweet ending to any meal and even sweeter for Thanksgiving so pies are to be shared with loved ones.

Last weekend, I visited the perfect dessert and pie bakery cafe called, Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, which is located in Toronto’s Kensington Market and on a lively pedestrian community where you can enjoy one of Wanda’s freshly baked desserts such as pies, tarts, cakes to take home or stay with plenty of space to sit with large windows or their patio on warmer days. Wanda’s pies and baked goods are all freshly made and Wanda’s pies are known for reminding you of home, a freshly cut pie from home. I definitely agree after tasting one of their pies during my visit.

Wanda’s Pie in the Sky also offers freshly homemade vegetarian lunches and brunches on the weekends and they are also well-known for their coffee exclusively using Dark City Coffee Company. Wanda also has the option to order any of their homemade pies, cakes or sweets for any occasion or event.

When I visited Wanda’s Pie in the Sky last weekend, it was nested at the corner street on Kensington Market where it was a cozy & friendly street filled with shops, restaurants and cafes. I love these kind of streets filled with lots of things to eat of course lol, see and pop into boutique shops. I only saw part of Kensington Market area and liking it a lot as I don’t come to this part of Toronto often. When I walked in Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in the late afternoon, it was cozy and smelled of yummy pastries as well as it was very busy in there. No doubt that Wanda’s Pie in the Sky is popular with it’s delicious pies and freshly made vegetarian lunches, who wouldn’t resist coming in here? This bakery cafe has so much to offer, I loved the atmosphere as I stepped in the bakery cafe. The bakery cafe itself wasn’t too big or too small it seemed like the right amount of size for this bakery cafe. Customer service was very friendly and on point as it was busy, they did the best to service customers at a reasonable pace.

It was difficult for me to choose which pie to try and so much pastries to choose from as I was also taking home some goodies.  I finally ended up with the Apple Berry pie and it was simply delicious, the crust was soft and flaky with the mixed berries of strawberry in it as the center. It was tasted like it was homemade that my mom would make. I decided to take out some goodies such as cookies and this delicious mini cherry tart, which I had at home and simply loved it, the cherries melted in my mouth, the tart pastry part was soft and perfect.

My delicious Apple Berry Pie

My delicious mini Cherry tart

If you are looking for the perfect homemade sweet dessert for this weekend for, Thanksgiving to share with your family and friends, I highly recommend Wanda’s Pie in the Sky and her delicious pies & pastries! You will fall in love with her homemade pies for sure like I did. 🙂

On a quick update, my special project I been working on has been put on hold due to a few things I’m trying to balance out right now with a few events coming up at the end of October including attending, Food Bloggers of Canada conference with preparation for that so after that I hope to be back on track and to be released end of November. I will also still be posting about my Kingston trip as well.

For all updates and to continue to connect with me, please follow me on Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 and Instagram @SweetFoodie24.

For now, I leave you with the sweet flaky & fruity pie cravings……onto my next sweet adventure, until next time….

Warm wishes to all my readers from me to you, A HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!

-Sweet B.


For more information on Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, please see below:

Address: 287 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario


You can follow her on Facebook @Wandaspieintheskybakerycafe, Twitter @WandasPieintheSky, and Instagram @WandasPieintheSky.


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