Happy New Year 2016 – To Sweet Beginnings

Hi everyone,

It’s Officially 2016 🎉, so welcome everyone to a New Year filled with sweet beginnings and maybe it’s time for some warmer desserts as it is starting to feel much colder brrrrr in Toronto. During the Holidays is always a great time for sweet desserts to share and enjoy with your family and friends. What yummy desserts did you have during the Holidays? Or what sweet dessert did you have during the first weekend of 2016? If you like to share your delicious dessert with me, please comment below or send me a photo at blooi24 [at] Hotmail [dot] com and will post them to share with everyone.

My Holidays was filled with sweet & delicious desserts, starting off with Christmas Day dinner with my cousin’s homemade Raspberry & Lemon tarts. Yum!!!

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family with some sweet Martini Asti Sparkling Champagne. I love sweet champagnes! 😊

On New Year’s Day, every year my family has a big New Year’s feast always so many delicious foods to enjoy and taste. My 2 fave dishes this year to share with you are: my mom’s Sweet Glazed Ham with pineapples, how can you not love the combination of sweet & savory flavours in one dish, I sure do and my mom’s Balsamic Braised Mini Potatoes with fresh thyme.

Starting off my 1st New Year’s weekend in 2016, enjoyed simply a heavenly Apple Tart from the bakery at Loblaws. I love apple desserts particularly in Fall and Winter and I was pleasantly surprised to find this amazing dessert at Loblaws. Love the little bits of fresh apples inside and there were also small walnuts too. The crumble top was what made the Apple tart simply delicious! Loved it! Definitely going back to get another one soon! What a delightful & sweet way to start off for 2016 with this Apple Tart dessert.

I look forward to discovering new sweet dessert places and sharing them with you in this 2016 New Year! I hope that you will come along and follow my sweet adventure travelling to new places to find the perfect dessert places in new or returning cities. Cheers to a Sweet 2016! 🍹🎂

Don’t forget to come back very soon to read my Special Edition Review Blog entry! You don’t want to miss it!!! Until then….

-Sweet B.