Celebrating Macaron Day at Butter Avenue in Toronto

Hi everyone!!

Welcoming everyone back to my “sweet” blog, I’m back now!! 🙂 Sorry it’s been quite sometime now since I last updated. I will try my best to keep my blog regularly updated from now on as you all know, it’s sometimes hard to do so with busy lives balancing out work, family and etc . Recently started a new job, so I’m learning to balance my life still. But my passion as always been about food particularly sweets and will continue to show that passion through my blog.

I thought it was perfect timing to start my blog again celebrating one of my fave sweet delicate desserts, “Macaron Day”, which was on Friday, March 20, 2015. As well it was the first day of Spring! There were so many things to celebrate on Friday! Macaron Day is also celebrated in other International cities along with Toronto, which celebrates these delicate confections in support of a local charity called: Red Door Family Shelter. There were participating patisseries across Toronto will come together to offer complimentary macarons to customers. For participating patisseries, please check out the website: http://www.macarondayto.com for future Macaron Days.

To celebrate “Macaron Day”, I went to my fave macaron shop, Butter Avenue, for the 2nd time that I have celebrated Macaron Day, but this time to the Queen and Spadina location one. It was my first time going to the Queen and Spadina location. I was surprised that there was a line up to get into the shop, but it was definitely worth the wait as I didn’t wait that long anyways maybe 5 minutes. Butter Avenue had 29 flavours available dedicated for this special “Macaron Day” that will not be available on a regular basis. I was very interested in that so that’s why I definitely wanted to try the new flavours.

There were so many flavours to choose from, which was hard to pick as they all sound so good lol! I ended up getting these flavours: Spring My Love (Safflower Raspberry), Secret Garden (Rose Mix Berries), Berry Yogurt, Red Bean Matcha, Sea Salt Caramel, and Almond Brûlée. I bought half a dozen and shared it with my sister who also loves macarons. I wish I bought more lol, but they were so delicious to enjoy. My fave I have to say was the Berry Yogurt and Spring My Love!

MacaronDayTo-Mar 20, 2015

One of my macarons – Berry Yogurt up close. Love how my purple ring matches the macaron!

As well, Butter Avenue this year was donating 35% of their macaron’s sales that day to the North York General Hospital Foundation. According to their Instagram account, it was a record breaking fundraising day and I’m happy to have participated in to help them out.

For those who joined in to celebrate “Macaron Day”, I hope that you all have enjoyed your sweet treat ‘cause who doesn’t appreciate a little sweetness in their tastebuds. And for those who didn’t celebrate it, it is never too late to enjoy a small yet sweet macaron anytime of the day. Those looking for the best macarons in T.O, look no further than Butter Avenue. They will not disappoint! Definitely will be coming back for more macarons next time!

For now, will be looking for my next inspiration for the next blog. Looking for my next sweet adventure….


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Butter Avenue: Best Macarons in Toronto

Happy Macaron Day everyone!! Sorry it’s been awhile since my last blog! I been busy working at my day job and updating the look of this blog!

It is also the first day of Spring and what a great way to start Spring with a sweet treat to remind us what Spring feels like again!!

Macaron Day is celebrated around the world and in Toronto as well where we celebrate these delicious delicate sweets. There were several participating patisseries across Toronto that came together to offer complimentary macarons to customers for Macaron Day. It was hard to choose which one delicious patisserie to try and decided to try Butter Avenue as I heard some good reviews about it and it was good location for me to go to.

Front of Butter Avenue

It was my first time going to Butter Avenue and wow I have to say it was one of the BEST macarons I ever tasted in Toronto!! I tried several macaron places before and this is for sure one of my fave macarons now. Some macarons are made very sweet and to me, this macaron was made perfect!  I`m happy to have discovered this new patisserie!

On my first visit to Butter Avenue, I was greeted when I came into the shop and all the staff there was friendly and knowledgeable about the macarons! I love the atmosphere in Butter Avenue, it is a very beautiful & lovely shop inside!! I ended up getting Raspberry and White Chocolate Strawberry macarons along with the complimentary macaron – Sea Salt Caramel. They were just delicious and soft!!! Even though I don`t eat chocolate, I have to admit that the White Chocolate Strawberry macaron was my fave one!






Butter Avenue also offers other pastries as well, but only today they were only selling macarons! I`m looking forward to coming back there to try their other sweet desserts and breads.

If you are looking for one of the best macarons in Toronto, I suggest you go to Butter Avenue! It is sure not to disappoint!!!

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Facebook and Twitter – @ButterAvenue

Hope everyone enjoyed their Macaron Day as much as I did!! Onto my next sweet adventure….