Two of My Fave Dairy free Donuts Bakeshops

Hi everyone,

I’m back and welcome to a brand New Year of 2019, did you all miss me?? 😉😊 How has everyone been doing so far in the beginning of the 2019 year so far?? I can’t believe the first 2 months of 2019 has passed by so fast for me and it’s already end of March and winter is almost over finally lol!! In Toronto, we had a few big snowstorms in February and brutal cold temperatures so far this winter.  So I’m definitely ready for Spring despite usually I love the snow, I guess with my allergies for my hands being more active this winter.  Just excited that Spring is just around the corner!! I’m ready for some warmer weather as it to me has been a brutal winter!! But I been pretty busy during the beginning of 2019 Year mainly just working away at my part time Admin work as I have gotten extra shifts on the weekends to gain extra income for my upcoming 2 big vacations coming up this year.

I also took one weekend end of January for my Annual Winter getaway to beautiful Niagara Falls where I enjoyed a very cold getaway and saw the beautiful frozen falls!! It was a relaxing yet cold getaway and as always too short!! But it was a nice to get a mini break before my 1st big vacation in mid-April to Las Vegas as mentioned in my last post!! Check out a few photos below of my wintery icy getaway to Niagara Falls.

The Frozen Canadian Falls

The Frozen American Falls, what a beauty even in the winter!

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I’m really excited for 2019 and discovering new sweet dairy free foodie adventures with 2 big vacations this year (1 planned & 1 unplanned lol!!)!! I am looking forward to sharing with you guys new sweet dairy free bakeries or restaurants and my foodie travel adventures of course!! If you didn’t read my last post, just a reminder that this year unfortunately there were be fewer blog posts than normal due to my 2 big vacations, but don’t worry I will still here posting and sharing with you guys my discovery of new dairy free bakeries and restaurants.

You can always stay connected with me about my updates on my next blog post through Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 or my foodie & travel adventures through Instagram @SweetBFoodie24.

My 2 Fave Donut Shops to Warm Up This Winter

With the cold & snowy winter days in T.O., what sweet treats or desserts do you enjoy during the winter or during cooler days? What I been craving lately are vegan dairy free donuts. I love the fruity flavour donuts more as donuts are great warm and cozy treats for the winter!! I been to a few delicious and great bakeries that makes vegan dairy free donuts, I am finally sharing my faves with you guys my readers so my 2 faves go to places for donuts are: Bloomer’s and Glory Hole Doughnuts.

1) Bloomer’s

Bloomer’s is an artisan vegan bakeshop located east of Ossington on Bloor St. and a great location easily accessible off the subway line. It is a cozy and charming good size bakery I feel it is very homey and a great open space compared to other bakeries that I been to. Bloomer’s offer a variety of baked goods from muffins, mini loafs, cinnamon buns, and of course they are known for their large and yummy vegan donuts. I go to Bloomer’s just for their donuts because they have a great selection of flavours on rotation everyday esp bright, sweet & fruity ones to brighten a winter or cooler or even hot days, it is soooo worth the trip for them because I love how large the size is as it fills you up as a great warm treat!! 

Bloomer’s also offer a good selection of lunch options that includes bagels, sandwiches, salads, fries, soup, bowls, burgers and more along with a great selection of drinks like brewed coffee, cappuccino, teas and tea lattes, cold pressed juices and more!!

I ended up choosing the London Fog and Berry Hibiscus flavours and both were so good!!! I even had a London Fog latte, which was a perfect match to go with my donuts. I loved the London Fog as I love Earl Grey tea so if you like the Earl Grey flavour definitely try the London Fog one and the taste is not strong Earl Grey flavour, which is what I love about it, it’s sweet and good flavouring of Earl Grey tea. If you love sweet definitely try the Elderberry Hibiscus one, I wasn’t sure about that one and ended up loving it!! I can’t wait to try more and different flavour donuts as I am waiting to try the filling donuts!! Yum!! Bloomer’s donuts are on the larger size for donuts, but I don’t mind as it’s a great filling treat!! Bloomer’s offers more of a variety of flavours compared to other vegan bakeshops with donuts.

I definitely recommend if you haven’t checked out Bloomer’s to see why I love their delicious & sweet soft dairy free donuts as you’re definitely missing out if you haven’t stopped by yet!!

2) Glory Hole Doughnuts

My 2nd fave doughnut shop is Glory Hole Doughnuts. It is not a full vegan bakeshop but offers selected vegan doughnuts everyday. Glory Hole Doughnuts was established in 2012 and is run by a small and independent artisan doughnut shop located in the heart of Parkdale and recently they opened a new location in the East end on Gerrard and Coxwell, which I was so happy about as it’s closer location for me to go to. They make all their doughnuts freshly made everyday with the highest quality of ingredients using fresh, local and organic. They make 3 different unique types of doughnuts – yeast doughnuts, cake doughnuts, and vegan doughnuts (100% vegan dough).  They also offer freshly brewed coffee and Station Cold Brew.

I was excited to visit their new 2nd location in the East end on Gerrard St as I been to their original doughnut shop in the West end as well. It is conveniently located near the Coxwell subway station with a short bus ride to their doughnut shop. It was a cozy and small doughnut shop with a large variety of flavours for non vegan and only few selected for the vegan flavours. I only wish that they offer more vegan flavours. But the vegan flavours that they offer are clearly labelled and glad that they do vegan doughnuts as it is one of my faves still and make delicious & soft donuts that you can’t tell it’s dairy free.

I first discovered Glory Hole Doughnuts at the Vegandale Festival few summers ago when it was called: Vegan Food & Drink Festival. They do change up their vegan flavours seasonally and love the Berry Hibiscus summer vegan flavour!! I can’t wait to try that again!! For the East end location, there are no seating unfortunately, it is a more of a take-out doughnut shop. I only wish there was a bit of seating like the one in Parkdale, which they have a very small area for seating. It is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the doughnut shop and great customer service when I went to the East end location.

The doughnuts that I ended up getting that were vegan are Cinnamon and Vanilla Sprinkle and the non vegan flavours that I got were Strawberry Passion and Caramel White Mocha to share with my sisters. I absolutely loved the Vanilla Sprinkle donut the best as it was soft, sweet and loved the glaze on it as well, which wasn’t too sweet!!

If you haven’t tried Glory Hole Doughnuts yet, with their 2 locations now open in the West & East End, there isn’t a reason why to stop by their sweet and yummy doughnut shop and as a warning, you sometimes need to get to the shop earlier than normal as they do tend to sometimes sell out their products (which shows how popular and delicious they are) before closing or phone ahead to see what flavours are available or if they can put it on hold. I definitely recommend trying this soft and melt in your mouth doughnuts to see why I love it so much!

If you are looking for soft, large yummy melt in your mouth dairy free donuts, then go check out my 2 fave donut shopsBloomer’s and Glory Hole Doughnuts as donuts are great sweet treats any time of the year esp during the cooler days when you just want to sink your teeth into a soft and warm treat!!

Until next time, I will be off next month to my hotter days in beautiful and fun Vegas next month in mid-April with my sisters and looking forward to lots of delicious foods and hoping I can check out a few vegan bakeshops as it’s rare to find in Vegas to share with you guys when I’m back and relaxing in the pool too!! Bring on Spring!! Don’t forget to come back to check out my blog for more sweet dairy free desserts bakeshops suggestions and my Vegas adventures!!! 🌞⛅🍩☕🌷🌸🌻🌴🌵✈

-Sweet B.

For more information on Bloomer’s and Glory Hole Doughnuts, please see below:

Bloomer’s – Website click here

For their social media networks, you can follow them on Facebook @Bloomersto and Instagram @Bloomersto.

Glory Hole Doughnuts – Website click here

For their social media networks, you can follow them on Facebook @GloryHoleDoughnuts, Twitter @GHoleDoughnuts and Instagram @GloryHoleDoughnuts.





My 2018 Year In Review

Hi everyone,

Helloooo to 2019!! How is everyone enjoying the New Year in 2019 so far?? It has been an interesting winter so far with a mix of really warm days in early winter & no or little snow to extremely cold temperatures in Toronto. Missing my snowy days in Toronto despite finally getting some snow this weekend, it actually is our 1st big snowfall, which is rare in Toronto as we usually get more snow by end of December. I guess I’m one of the rare ones who enjoy snow in the winter! ❄

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas Holidays as I been resting, catching up on things and of course spending time with my family and friends!! I’m excited & ready for the New Year already working hard to enjoy my upcoming trips as already have so many exciting trips and events planned!! With that said, with my busy schedule with 2 big trips (one was unplanned for a family wedding) and while balancing my Admin job and my blog work that this year, there will be a few changes made to my blog, which is I will be posting fewer blog posts this year compared to what I normally post in a year due to all the travelling. 😢

But don’t worry, if you are thinking, I will be still here posting and sharing with you either a recipe (Hint: I’m currently working on) or a bakeshop to you guys just less frequent than before (I know you guys will miss me?? 😉), but I will be putting more content and quality of work into it so that’s why less posts due to time constraint with all the travelling. I hope that you all understand and still continue to follow along with my blog.

I’m still very excited in 2019 to share with you guys new bakeries, new recipes and new travel places!! I’m actually looking forward to discovering new dairy free bakeries in Vancouver that’s where I’m going for my wedding and can’t wait to share with you all what I will discover there in the West Coast! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!

As we start this New Year of 2019, I like to reflect on my 2018 Year and recap & share with you as I continue my tradition every January with my Year In Review post.

Me last summer in 2018 on the waterfront, missing those warmer days!!

A Year of New Positive Opportunities In 2018

In 2018, it was a year of self-discovery about myself and where my long term career path is heading as I struggled a bit with as a food blogger to balance out working income after I left a full time work in 2017. I was still motivated and passionate about my blog writing about my passion for desserts & travelling. After a few missed and trial & error opportunities, I am happy to say that I have found my balance with working with my blog and a new Part Time job working back as an Admin Assistant in a Real Estate boutique office downtown Toronto. If you didn’t know, I have worked many years ago previously in Real Estate. I have always enjoyed working in Real Estate and I’m happy to be back part time while still balancing my work on my food blog with now some working income as we all know beginner food bloggers are tough to find paid work.

I’m happy to have found a good working Part time environment at the Real Estate office and continuing to enjoy working there while still having time to work on my passion for my food blog.

I continue with my adjustments with my food allergies to dairy products in 2018 and discovering new foods that fit with my new diet plans.

In 2018, I also got to travel to a few beautiful places and exploring some new and returning faves places such as Montego Bay in Jamaica, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and Burlington. As you know, I love travelling and I can’t wait to exploring new places and searching for new & delicious dessert places, bakeries, or cafes to share with you guys. In 2019, it will be a busy travelling year for me with 2 big trips as mentioned previously in my other post to Las Vegas in April 2019 and a wedding in July 2019 in Vancouver. I’m excited to discover new dairy free foods or bakeries on both trips to share with you guys.

Me in beautiful Jamaica in May 2018 for my vacation

I attended some delicious & fun food festivals in 2018 such back to my faves Niagara VegFest, Vegandale Festival (formally known as Vegan Food & Drink Festival) and VegFood Fest. I love attending food festivals and events to discover and learn more about dairy free foods and more!! Looking forward to attending to new or returning food festivals in 2019!!

Me & my sis at Vegandale Festival at Fort York

My Stats From 2017 to 2018

It will be 5 years next month in February that I have started this blog, can’t believe how long it has been as sometimes it feels like just yesterday that I decided to start this blog!! Everyday I continue to learn new things in the blogging world and continue to grow with my blog. In 2018, I saw a growth and interest from my? readers to my blog as I focus more on my dairy free desserts & recipe and my food travels. I’m happy to see the results from my readers who are enjoying my food travels more than my events that I decided to focus more on travelling and my love for sweets on dairy free desserts.

My Stats 2018:

Number of Visitors: 639 Visitors

Number of Views: 820 Times

Number of Countries Viewed: 45 Countries

With my blog continuing to grow & expand in 2018, I can’t believe it has been viewed from 45 countries, which compared to 2017 viewed by more countries so I’m pretty excited about that! My majority of the readers are still from Canada & USA with UK and Germany as the 2 other countries as my second majority of the readers. I’m happy that I am expanding to new readers in new countries to name a few such as: Finland, New Zealand, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, Italy, Ireland and etc. I’m excited that I have people on the other side of the world interested in reading about my love for dairy free desserts, food and my travels.

Thank You’s

I like to thank each one of my “sweet readers” and as well as any new readers who have checked out and decided to follow along on my sweet adventures!! I always love to welcome and invite new readers to my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you who comes to visit my blog truly mean it as a still beginner blogger I love seeing and getting to know my readers!

So on that note, I would love to hear from you with any comments or a suggestion for my blog or a dessert or restaurant that you would recommend to me. Please don’t hesitate to share them with me.

Check out below my Top Review Blog Posts for 2018
My Top 3 Most Views Posts 2018
1 – My Dairy Free Berrylicious Mango Smoothie Recipe

I’m excited that my dairy free Berrylicious Mango Smoothie Recipe is the Most Viewed Post in 2018 and I’m really happy that you guys loved it as much as I did making it with my new Nutribullet! I’m happy to know that you guys are enjoying this simple tropical, sweet yet healthy smoothie recipe that I developed for my readers esp when there are lots of smoothie recipes out there! I also love sharing with you guys a Canadian brand of organic soy milk, Natur-a, which is one of my fave soy milks to drink.

I can’t wait to share more dairy free recipes with you guys in 2019!!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, see why everyone loves my tropical, sweet and healthy Berrylicious Mango Smoothie Recipe -> click here

2 – My New Fave Dairy Free Tigernut Ice Cream: The Chufa Co.

My 2nd Most Viewed Post of 2018 is sharing a new dairy free ice cream with my readers by The Chufa Co. where they make their dairy free ice cream with tigernut milk ice cream. I’m so happy that you guys were just as excited as I was to discover this new dairy free ice cream to make it one of the Top Posts. It is a rich & creamy without the hint of coconut dairy free ice cream made from organic and real ingredients.

I hope that this summer in 2019 that The Chufa Co. will open up their pop-up stand again like they did last summer in the Beaches area! I loved having the pop-up stand there and wish I was able to go more often and hopefully I can if there is a pop-up stand again!

If you didn’t get to sample some of The Chufa Co. dairy free tigernut ice cream, go check out my post about why I love this dairy free ice cream so much and where you can purchase your own pint -> click here

3 – My New Fave Homemade Gluten Free & Dairy Free Bakeshop, Almond Butterfly Café

Lastly, my 3rd most Viewed of 2018 Post is sharing a new gluten free & dairy free bakeshop called: Almond Butterfly Café with you guys. Almond Butterfly Café is located downtown Toronto’s vibrant Harbord Street Village near the University of Toronto St. George campus. I was excited to share this new bakeshop with you guys because it is 100% gluten free that offers vegan, dairy free and paleo options type of café. For my readers who are gluten free, this is a great bakery / café to check out for sure as they bake homemade freshly made baked goods everyday. They offer a great selection from baked good items like muffins, cupcakes, scones, bagels, cookies to light lunches such as grilled sandwiches, pizza bagels and more!!

I’m happy to see that you guys were very interested and was just as excited as I was about this amazing, delicious and friendly gluten free & dairy free bakeshop by Almond Butterfly Café.

If you haven’t checked out Almond Butterfly Café yet, I highly recommend you drop by and see why I love this bakeshop / café so much, you can check out my blog post about it -> click here

Stay Connected

I’m looking forward to an exciting, fun and new foodie adventures, travels and events in 2019!! Can’t wait to discover new dairy free desserts bakeries and foods to share with you all.

So why don’t you come and follow me on this sweet & healthy travelling foodie adventure!

To stay connected with me and updates for the next blog post, please follow me on Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 and Instagram @SweetBFoodie24.

Thank you again for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and more importantly sharing my love for sweets, healthy desserts & travel!

Cheers to a sweet & healthy 2019 to all my amazing & sweet readers!! 🍹🍦🍰🍩🍜🍔☕✈

-Sweet B.


My Fave Holiday Dairy Free Desserts at Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery

Hi everyone,

Happy Holidays everyone!!! I can’t believe Christmas arrives in a few days and how fast the month of December flew by as it has been a very busy December for me with working at my Admin work, finishing off Christmas gift shopping and Christmas get togethers with my friends along with family events as well!! With my busy schedule this month, this Holiday post has been slightly delayed and thank you everyone for being patient and I can’t wait to share with you this Holiday post.

How is everyone been enjoying this Holiday Season?? What fave foods or desserts do you enjoy during the Holiday Season? I been in an early festive mood since the beginning of December as I love this time of year and the best part of the Holidays for me of course are the desserts, right?? It wouldn’t be the Holiday Season without the warm and sweet desserts after that big festive Christmas dinner! During the Holiday Season some of my fave desserts or Holiday drinks include: Hot Apple Cider, gingerbread cookies (the soft chewy ones), and warm apple pies to name a few as these are some of the desserts or drinks that remind me of Christmas!

For this Holiday blog post, I will be showcasing one amazing bakery this year unlike my previous Christmas posts where I have presented to you my readers with 3 options to check out for Christmas desserts. This year changing it up a bit with my focus on one bakery and I’m excited to share with you a fairly new vegan bakeshop that opened recently in the Parkdale area called: Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery.

I’m happy to finally share with you guys this new vegan bakery, Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery because of one of my best friends who lives in Denmark and I thought of her immediately when I discovered this new bakery named after where she lives. I thought it was the perfect bakery to check out and try Danish pastries and be in the atmosphere of Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen and feel a bit closer overseas to my best friend especially during the Holidays. I look forward to one day sharing this beautiful and delicious bakery with her as I know how much she would love it as much as I did when I first tried this amazing bakery and cafe.

Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery was formed with the collaboration of the founders of the Vegandale Food Drink Festivals (including Doomie’s Toronto, Mythology & The Imperative) in partnership with the family bakeshop in Thornhill’s Vegan Danish Bakery. They offer delicious, freshly baked goods made in house without any of the eggs, dairy or animal byproducts. Since Denmark is world famous known for their pastries that it isn’t surprised that this bakery offers a variety of delicious flaky and delicious pastries. From signature flaky danishes in flavours of chocolate and strawberry to cupcakes to butter tarts to turnovers to cheesecake and more including savoury dishes like waffles during their brunch on the weekends.  They do whole cakes too, from 6-inch round varieties to custom in varieties like strawberry shortcake, carrot, chocolate, vanilla coconut cream, chocolate cherry, lemon chiffon and triple chocolate mocha.

The atmosphere in Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery feels like a cozy and modern feel to the bakery and at the same time feels like home with their elegant and white interior. I love their furniture that they use for the bakery which stands out to me with comfy cozy benches with cushions and elegant style chairs.  I love the beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling brings a sophisticated style and look to the bakery that matches what it would look like in Denmark itself.

The staff at Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery was very friendly and informative about their products. I enjoyed engaging with their staff.

With their variety of selection of delicious desserts I finally decided on their Christmas cupcakesCandy Cane Vanilla & just a regular Vanilla cupcake with Christmas sprinkles on it. I took home 2 cupcakes along with a mini apple pie. I stayed and dine at their beautiful and cozy cafe with one of my cupcakes and a hot and sweet Earl Grey London Fog. I loved it!! The London Fog was the perfect amount of sweetness. I usually don’t drink lattes or tea lattes only recently I started and I prefer the tea lattes as I’m not a coffee drinker. I’m more of a tea drinker! I really enjoyed sitting at the cafe and enjoying my sweet desserts. A perfect spot for on a cold winter night!!

My dairy free desserts that I took home: cupcakes & mini apple pie

I can’t wait to come back to try other sweet dairy free desserts as I would love to try one of their flaky fruit danishes as Denmark is well known for their famous pastries! There are still so many desserts to try that I love their selection and looking forward to my next visit already!

This special Holiday post is dedicated and inspired by my best friend in Denmark and I hope she enjoys this blog post for her. I look forward to reuniting with her one day very soon!!

If you are haven’t tried, Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery, I highly recommend that you stop by yourself and see why I love this new dairy free, cozy and great selection of desserts for you to enjoy for the Holidays or for any occasion or just to treat yourself as you definitely won’t be disappointed!! You will have a little taste of what Copenhagen, Denmark feels like with their delicious desserts! I hope that they satisfy your sweet cravings as much as they have satisfied mines.

Merry Christmas to all my amazing readers!!! This is my official last post of 2018 and can’t believe 2018 flew by so fast with another year of change and searching for a new career opportunity to balance out while working on my passion for this blog! I’m happy to say that I’m happy at my new Admin Real Estate work while continuing to work on this dessert blog that I am still very passion about! Besides work, it has an amazing and memorable travel year with my vacation to Jamaica in May and Day trips to Niagara Falls and Burlington. As the year end, I find my focus this past year was on my health and positivity in my life and family!

2019 looks like already an exciting year for me with my Vegas April 2019 trip booked along with my Vancouver short trip for my cousin wedding (not booked yet) and I can’t wait to see what else it holds for me in travel & foods!!

Stay Connected…
Don’t forget for all the latest updates on my next blog posts or to follow my foodie adventures, please follow me on Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 and on Instagram @SweetBFoodie24 (don’t forget to check out my stories).  Don’t forget to check back in mid-January 2019 for my 2018 Year In Review!!
Happy Sweet New Year’s to all my readers!!! Cheers to a sweet & adventurous 2019 New Year!! 🍹🍦🍰🍩🍪🍔🍜🍎✈
Until next time, I will be searching for my next sweet & healthy dairy free vegan adventure in 2019…🎉🎊🎆
-Sweet B.

For more information on Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery, please see below:

Website – Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery click here

Please follow them on their social networks through Instagram @CopenhagenVeganCafe and Facebook @CopenhagenVeganCafe.


My Food Travels – Summer Getaway 2018 to Montreal, QC

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my sweet dairyfree blog!!! It’s been a very hectic & busy but fun summer and I can’t believe it’s already end of September and it’s officially Fall now!!! Where did the summer go? Can’t believe how fast summer went!! There were many events and things happening in August so unfortunately I didn’t even have time to share them with you all some of the amazing moments and times during my fun and busy month of August. From food festivals to watching live tennis to going to the beach (many days) to day trips and lastly to my summer getaway to Montreal at end of the month.

It was one of my busiest summers ever for me and now I’m actually looking forward to be more focused on this blog & working on it before the busy Holidays in December. How was everyone’s summer?? What was your fave part of your summer for 2018?? I hope everyone enjoyed this year really humid summer days even though at times I wish it was cooler lol!! With some warm Fall weather, you can still always enjoy dairy free desserts and here are some of my previous blogs for some suggestions:

4th Feature – Food Travels in Montreal, Quebec

This is my 4th Feature for my Food Travels if you haven’t read my previous ones, you should definitely check them out here as some of the food adventures places that I have travelled include Kingston and London, ON.

I love travelling to new cities or towns to explore and discover new bakeries and restaurants along with the sights and attractions in a new city or town whether it is in Ontario or in Canada or USA. I love sharing my discovery with my readers.

The Old Charming City of Montreal, QC

Marche Bonsecours in the Old Port

I travelled to Montreal, QC for my summer getaway as a last minute trip for a personal event so of course while I’m there you know I love my dairyfree and vegan desserts so it is not surprise that I had to check out a few bakeries in Montreal as Montreal is known for delicious and amazing foods and yes even vegan foods and had to share them with you guys while I was on vacation. This is not my 1st visit to Montreal as I been to Montreal a few times over the last few years but haven’t been since 2015 for the Food Bloggers of Canada conference.

If you haven’t been to Montreal before, it is the largest city in Canada’s Québec province and set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and named after Mount Royal because of it’s triple peaked hill in the middle of the city. What brings the old charming feel to the city of Montreal is the architecture and cobbled streets in Old Montreal, which has been maintained or restored by the city, it is a historic area southeast of the downtown area with many attractions including the Old Port of Montreal, Place Jacques-Cartier, Montreal City Hall, the Bonsecours Market, Place d’Armes, the Notre-Dame de Montreal Basilica and more!!

Montreal is a big, busy, exhilarating city, with so much to see and do from their entertaining nightlife on popular streets like Saint Catherine and Crescent Street filled with lots of variety of restaurants, bars and clubs to Montreal’s fashionable shopping districts and then of course, Montreal’s amazing food with a large variety of different tastes around the world for everyone! Montreal also offers a diversity of recreational activities from the many parks to explore in Montreal like Mount Royal or going to the Casino de Montréal or going to the Botanical Garden or going to music festivals and more to name just a few activities that Montreal has to offer.

As you can see, Montreal is a big and exciting city to explore with many things to do and see that I always love coming back to do different things that I haven’t done before or explore back to the places I been to that I love seeing again like the Old Port while enjoying their old and charming city feel when I return.

My Experience

My delicious dairy free lunch on the VIA Rail train

I travelled to Montreal by VIA Rail train as I enjoy taking the train as it’s the most comfortable and easiest way for me to travel to another city. Travelling by train is affordable and great low prices too. I usually travel the train under the Business class as I love the comfortable of spacious seating and delicious meals esp for longer journey like to Montreal. It’s a great way to travel as you don’t have to worry about the traffic and you get to rest comfortable to get to your destination. I highly recommend travelling by train within Ontario, Quebec and even further cities, it’s a great way to explore Canada.

I stayed at the new Holiday Inn & Suites Montreal Centre-ville Ouest hotel, which is located in the heart of Montreal’s business district. Within walking distance from CGI and WSP corporate offices, Concordia University, the CIBC Tower, Mary-Queen-of-the-World Cathedral, Place Ville-Marie, Place Bonaventure and more!!

It is one block away from both St-Catherine Street, which is known for it’s street of shops and restaurants and Crescent Street, well known for it’s nightlife, bars and restaurants.

It is a great downtown location as it is close to a Metro station for easy access to get around the city by transit. Some of the amenities include: panoramic indoor salted pool, the state-of-the-art fitness center and Le Restaurant Crossbar.

The lobby beautiful lights

It was my 1st time staying at the Holiday Inn & Suites Montreal Centre-ville Ouest hotel and loved it!! It is one of the newer hotels located in the heart of downtown. The design and interior of the hotel is modern and beautifully updated along with a spacious size King bedroom that I stayed in with city views. The staff at this hotel was very friendly and helpful to me when I needed directions or restaurant suggestions around the area. Only con I found about this hotel is that at the moment there is a huge construction going on around the area so it was a bit hard to navigate to get to the actual hotel from the Metro as it was also in the under construction area as they are working on a new building and fixing few things. Once completed it would look great and easier to walk around.

Otherwise, I was very impressed with this Holiday Inn & Suites Centre-ville in Montreal definitely a very sophisticated and modern 4-star hotel and most important is that it was a very clean hotel. I also had time to enjoy their beautiful and large pool during my stay. I highly recommend if you are in Montreal to stay at this amazing hotel as it is close to a lot of attractions in Montreal!!

My 3 Fave Dairy Free Dessert Places To Visit in Montreal

When visiting a new city I love discovering new dairy free bakeshops, despite having been to Montreal already this is my 1st visit to Montreal on my dairy free diet as I haven’t been to Montreal in a few years now. Check out below my 3 Fave Dairy Free Dessert / Bakeshops in Montreal and why I love them.

1) Creperie du Marché

If you love crepes like me, I was so excited to find a crepe place called, Creperie du Marché that makes organic dairy free, gluten free buckwheat crepes that is located in the heart of the Jean Talon Market. Jean Talon Market is a large farmer’s market in Montreal, which is located in the Little Italy district. It is open year-round and yes even in the winter where about 300 vendors mostly farmers from Montreal sell their local produces from meat, fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables and more along with stores offering baked goods and more!

Creperie du Marché offers their French cuisine to their healthy gluten free buckwheat crepes using organic and local products in Montreal to make one of the best dairy free buckwheat crepes I ever had!! They offer a good selection of crepes from savoury to sweet crepes with breakfast types like ham, apple and cheese to vegetarian/vegan crepes like spinach, tomato, egg and cheese to sweet crepes like apples, pears, caramel and whipped cream to name a few from their menu. Besides crepes, they also offer drinks such as coffee, organic tea, juices, sparkling cider and more.

I decided to try their special summer buckwheat crepe, which consists of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries topped with sugar icing, which was added for my crepe as it was originally with maple syrup. The buckwheat crepe was delicious, moist and tasty, I loved it!!! I love the summer fruits – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries on top making it taste like summer in my mouth!!

Also great and friendly customer service at Creperie du Marché as if you had an allergy that you can let them know and they can accommodate you. If you are looking for a healthy gluten free and dairy free buckwheat crepe with a variety of toppings available from savoury to sweet to vegetarian then I definitely recommend you check out Creperie du Marché.

For more information on Creperie du Marché, please see below:
Check out their website -> click here
You can follow them on their Social Media networks, Facebook @Creperiedumarche and Instagram @Creperiedumarche.
2) Ca Lem

A definitely must visit when in Montreal looking for freshly made ice creams, sorbets and homemade soft serve swirls with vegan options is Ca Lem. Ca Lem is located in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) a residential neighborhood of Montreal in the West end on Sherbrooke Street. It wasn’t too far to travel from the downtown area by Metro to visit Ca Lem as it was definitely worth the trip.

Ca Lem is a cozy, charming and cute shop with bright interior design of benches to sit while the outside of the shop feels like a backyard home with fake grass though with benches and beautiful flowers surrounding the area. Ca Lem has Instagram worthy shots spots inside their cozy shop set up to take photos of your ice cream, if it isn’t melting yet lol…like mines was lol!! I instantly fell in love with their cozy and brightly designed shop!! The staff at the shop are very friendly and very helpful about the types of ice cream, sorbets and soft serve available esp for people like me that is dairy free.

They offer 18 delightful flavours of creamy to fruity, hard to soft, or even a mix of ice cream, sorbets to soft serve along with some exotic flavours. I love the variety of options that they have here for both dairy free and with dairy. They also update on a weekly basis with their flavours and esp the homemade soft-serve duos!! I love that they change it up every week with the soft-serve duos but only wish I could enjoy them as well as they are only one side is dairy free. Would love for them to incorporate more dairy free options. They also offer pints to take home with you so that is great to enjoy at home.

I was happy to have made it to Ca Lem after the rainstorm that day in Montreal and there’s no better way than after the rain to enjoy a sweet treat. I decided on 2 sorbet flavours the Mango and Strawberry Lychee, it was delicious!! I love the light and flavourful of the sorbets!!! It was still hot that day despite the rain so my sorbet was melting a bit so it was hard to get the photos so sorry my photos I am sharing with you guys my sorbet looks like it’s melting lol!!

I highly recommend this cozy and cute ice cream, sorbet and soft serve shop in Montreal!! It is definitely worth the trip with their friendly customer service and a variety of delicious and different flavours available. They are closing for the season end of September and possible few dates open in October I heard so definitely if you can check them out and enjoy a sweet dairy free sorbet before the end of season, I love my sorbets anytime and any season though!! You can check out their Instagram as they do a lot of updates on their IG stories for what flavours they have available each week and they also update about their hours. I look forward to checking them out again on my next Montreal visit!!

For more information on Ca Lem, please see below:
Check out their website -> click here
You can follow them on their Social Media networks, Facebook @Calemmontreal and Instagram @Calemcreamery.
3) Cookie Stéfanie

I’m happy to share with you a new gluten free, dairy free and egg free bakery in downtown Montreal in the Old Port area called: Cookie Stéfanie. They first opened the bakery in 2012 created by Stéfanie Poulin and continued to grow successfully offering the best gluten-free products and partnered and is now headed by Marie-Claude Huard, a cookie industry veteran and who first created the 1st gluten-free cupcakes in Montreal.

Cookie Stéfanie offers a variety of gluten free baked goods with some baked goods that are also dairy free and egg free from their famous cupcakes to muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, and grilled cheese sandwiches. As well they offer specialty drinks such as coffee, espresso, latte, chai latte, cappuccino, tea and juices. They also offer light lunch options such as fresh salads and soup bowls.

It was a cozy and modern bakery with a decent area for sitting to enjoy your baked goods. Great customer service from the staff who was knowledgeable and friendly to assist me with what is available of baked goods that they had.

With so many choices, it was hard for me to decide but I decided on 1 Vanilla cupcake with Raspberry frosting and 2 mini cupcakes both Vanilla but one with Raspberry frosting and the other one is caramel frosting as well as a Blueberry Cranberry gluten free muffin. It was nice to have these delicious gluten free and dairy free treats to bring on the train with me home and enjoyed one of the cupcakes on my train ride home. It was delicious as the cake of the cupcake was moist and the frosting wasn’t too sweet.

I would definitely recommend Cookie Stéfanie if you are in the Montreal area of the Old Port if you are looking for delicious, sweet and gluten free cupcakes along with their variety of selection of baked goods is another great reason to stop by yourself to see why I love this bakery! I’m excited to return to this bakery on my next visit to Montreal and happy to know where I can get gluten free and dairy free cupcakes!!

For more information on Cookie Stéfanie, please see below:
Check out their website -> click here
You can follow them on their Social Media networks, Facebook @CookieStefanieSG and Instagram @CookieStefanie.

Exploring Montreal

As I was in Montreal for a short getaway for the summer, I wish I had more time to explore more of Montreal as there are still parts of Montreal I haven’t seen. During my short visit, I got to do some shopping on popular Saint Catherine Street and Montreal Eaton Centre. I also got to enjoy the charming cobberstone streets of the Old Port and rode the La Grande Roue Montreal where I saw the city of Montreal from the highest views. As you can see, I also enjoyed a lot of delicious and dairy free desserts and foods while in Montreal. I can’t wait for my next visit to Montreal already to explore more!!

The Clock Tower


Don’t forget to stay connected with me for the latest updates on my next blog post through Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 and follow along on my foodie adventures with my IG stories on Instagram @SweetBFoodie24.

If you are planning to visit Montreal or live within the area of Montreal, if you are looking for delicious, dairy free, gluten free desserts, check out my 3 Fave Dairy Free Dessert Places/Bakeshops that include: Creperie du Marché in Jean-Talon Market, Ca Lem, and Cookie Stéfanie in the Old Montreal area. I highly recommend these 3 amazing and unique dairy free and gluten free dessert places that you definitely won’t be disappointed. They will satisfy your sweet cravings while in Montreal!!

As we are officially in the Fall season and soon to have colder weather, I’m off on my next foodie adventure on a search for a warmer dairy free dessert place for the colder days ahead!!! Stay warm or cool depending on this Fall season everyone, I’m ready for sweater weather, seeing the beautiful colourful leaves and of course the yummy apple warm desserts and apple ciders!! 🍁🍂🍎🍑🍰☕🚂

-Sweet B.

For more information on Montreal Tourism, please see below:

Montreal Tourism Official Website -> click here

You can follow them on their Social Media networks, Facebook @Montreal, Twitter @Montreal and Instagram @Montreal.

Try My New Fave Dairy free Tigernut Ice Cream: The Chufa Co.

Hi everyone,

How is everyone enjoying these hot & humid summer days in Toronto?? Wow!!! It’s been a very hot and sticky summer so far in Toronto. We had a few relief of cooler days and even rain finally to cool down in the city at least. I love my sunny & warm summer days, but sometimes it’s a bit too humid especially in the city and so I been enjoying my summer days finding ways to cool down with relaxing by the beach or having cold dairy free desserts. How are you guys cooling off this summer in Toronto?

With these scorching hot summer days in Toronto, who wouldn’t love a frozen dessert treat to cool down with?? From my previous blog post, I shared with you about my 3 delicious and dairy free sorbets places to check out. I hope that you guys had a chance to check them out, if so, what do you think?? I would love to hear your opinions and you can comment below!!

As some of you know, July is National Ice Cream Month, what perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month then sharing with you guys about a new dairy free ice cream that I discovered. Ice Creams are the perfect frozen dessert especially during these humid summer days. For people like me who enjoys dairy free products due to allergies, it sometimes is a challenge to find ice cream without dairy in it.

That’s why I’m soooo happy and excited to share with you The Chufa Co who makes their non dairy ice cream with their tigernut milk ice cream. Their vegan ice cream it’s rich and creamy without the hint of coconut. For me, sometimes I’m not a fan of the coconut taste and this ice cream you can’t even taste the coconut taste in it. If you are one of those who don’t prefer the taste of coconut, this is one vegan ice cream you need to try. Plus it’s also soy and nut free made with only organic and real ingredients. It is also high in fibre and protein.

Some of you may be asking, what exactly is Tigernuts? With my research and information from The Chufa Co website, Tigernuts also known as Chufas. They are not nuts but actually little root vegetables with an impressive nutritional profile. They are an ancient superfood that is full of fibre and resistant starch. “Tigernuts are a source of prebiotics that feed and promote the good bacteria in our gut.” -The Chufa Co. Tigernuts are a good source of magnesium and provides a good amount of potassium. They are naturally sweet and a great addition to a healthy and balanced diet to live a healthy life.

Now that I introduced you to The Chufa Co. – the new non dairy ice cream, how excited are you to try this delicious and creamy dairy free ice cream? Well, before buying your own pint, which I highly recommend, why not stop by first to their summer soft serve popup that they opened in the Beaches area to sample yourself this sweet and yummy dairy free ice cream!! It definitely is a must to stop by their summer cute popup by the Beaches and it’s the perfect location as you can stop by the beach at Woodbine Beach and then come by the Chufa Co. popup for a refreshing and cold dessert.

It is located at 1973 Queen Street East in the Beaches area at the corner of Waverley Road and Queen Street East. They are open Tuesday – Sunday from 1-9pm and closed on Mondays. Their soft serve summer popup will be open til late September.

I was so excited to finally stop by their summer soft serve pop up earlier this month on a very hot and humid day, which was perfect for dairy free soft serve ice cream!! It’s a cozy and cute small summer popup stand and perfect for sweet & delicious dairy free soft serve to enjoy. I love the colours and concept of the popup!! Also great and very friendly customer service by the two staff that worked there too. And knowledgeable about the soft serve product of The Chufa Co. ice cream.

I ended up with their Vanilla dairy free soft serve with strawberry sauce and it was simply delicious despite the fact it was melting fast lol…but it tasted like a normal dairy ice cream, but this one is dairy free and there was no hint of the coconut taste and it was soft and creamy just like regular ice cream. I loved it!! I can’t wait to stop by again already!!

Once you stop by their summer popup shop and taste one of their delicious and creamy dairy free soft serve, maybe you want to now buy your own pint of this delicious tigernut dairy free ice cream, right? The Chufa Co. has their tigernut dairy free ice cream in several retailers in Toronto and within the area of Toronto as well and they looking to expand more retailers in 2018. Some of the retailers right now include: The Big Carrot, Sorelle and Co., The Sweet Potato, Organic Garage, YamChops and more to name a few. Please check their website for the full list of retailers and you can find their website below my blog post.

I went to 2 locations to check for The Chufa Co. dairy free ice cream: The Big Carrot and Organic Garage. I found all 3 flavours at The Big Carrot, but only found 2 flavours at the Organic Garage. I was excited to find them thou it is a bit pricey for one pint (it is on the higher end of the dairy free ice creams if you are wondering), but it’s so worth it for dairy free ice cream to have your own pint at home to enjoy anytime. I’m looking forward to trying the Strawberry Cardamom one!!

The Chufa Co. dairy free ice cream pints at The Big Carrot

The Chufa Co. ice cream pints at the Organic Garage


It will be a busy August summer month for me with watching tennis live, attending a few food festivals, and my summer weekend getaway to Montreal at the end of August. I’m attending a personal event as always I love looking for new dairy free bakeshops in new cities so I will be on a look out for dairy free bakeshops to share with you guys!! Can’t wait!! A bit of both of work and play…😉

Don’t forget to stay connected with me for the latest updates on my next blog post on Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 and my foodie adventures through Instagram & IG stories @SweetBFoodie24.

Even though it’s the end of the month for July  meaning National Ice Cream Month is over…☹, for me National Ice Cream Months are every month and any day of the year and any season. Summer is still here in August and what is more perfect on a humid and hot summer day than dairy free ice cream to cool down with, so don’t forget to stop by the Chufa Co. summer popup in the Beaches area before they close in late September or get your very own pint at one of their selected retailers!! I highly recommend their soft and creamy dairy free ice cream!!

For now, let’s relax and enjoy these summer carefree days with our sweet and yummy dairy free ice cream by the Chufa Co. as I continue my search for my next sweet dairy free dessert adventure in Toronto & Montreal.

-Sweet B.  

For more information on The Chufa Co., please see below:

The Chufa Co. – website – click here

You can follow them on their social media networks through Facebook @TheChufaCo and Instagram @TheChufaCo.


My 3 New Fave Summer Sorbet Places

Hi everyone,

Hellooooo summer finally!! It definitely feels like summer with these super scorching humid and hot 1st long weekend of the summer! Yes it’s officially summer now as June 21, 2018 marks the first official day of summer. As summer was approaching in Toronto, we were already feeling the heat and sunny days, I am loving every minute of it especially since coming back from my hot and tropical vacation in Jamaica. I am definitely ready for these hot and sunny days in Toronto.

Who’s ready for summer this year?? What are you guys looking forward to this summer?? I can’t wait for more food festivals, music festivals, beach days and day trips & getaways. I always enjoy the warmer and not too hot days here in Toronto. I tend to enjoy the summer days either within the city or to neighbouring cities to enjoy the beaches and quaint towns atmosphere in Ontario. So if you are looking for ways to cool down within Toronto, one of the best ways is of course with cold frozen desserts, right? 

Well with these hot and humid summer months in Toronto, yes there are some days way too humid for me even lol and I love to cool down with cold, sweet and freshly made fruit sorbets desserts. For those like me, who enjoys dairyfree foods, it sometimes is a challenge to find a great tasting frozen dessert to cool down with and I think that sorbets are a great option to refresh your palate and cool down in the sun. Sorbets are made of water, fruit and sugar, which I love that is 100% fruit, which tends to be more healthier.

My Top 3 Fave Sorbet Places

Here are 3 new Sorbet places I discovered that I highly recommend to you my readers where I enjoyed sweet, delicious and freshly made sorbets for you to enjoy this summer. Some of the places you wouldn’t even think of have that will serve this type of dessert are some of the hidden gems for sorbets.

#1. Nadège Patisserie

Nadège Patisserie is well known for French modern desserts and most popular dessert, macarons along with their beautiful and delicious variety of pastries from mini cakes to tarts to chocolate bonbons. You wouldn’t think that Nadège Patisserie would have ice cream or sorbet as part of the menu? To my surprise, recently opened by Nadège a cozy and intimate ice cream shop serving gelato and sorbet at their Queen location only. It is located at the corner of Queen and Gore Vale Avenue, a few steps after their outdoor patio is a separate ice cream shop they have set up. There are also helpful signs along the way to help you find the shop. It is surely not to be missed.

I love their intimate and friendly open space ice cream shop especially the pink walls!! There are 16 flavours available. The gelatos are mostly based on Nadège Patisserie cakes and the sorbets are fruit based, which makes them vegan and dairy free. They have a great selection of flavours for even people like me who are dairy free and I love that there are good selection of dairy free flavours to choose from. They also have toppings to add to your gelato or sorbet, which includes sauces such as chocolate, caramel & strawberry, mini macarons, caramel popcorn, whipped cream and more! They also make ice cream sandwiches, wow!! A great selection of frozen dessert for everyone including those who enjoy dairy free desserts!!

*The beautiful macaron tower with the ice cream print from their Yorkdale Location*

I ended up choosing the Raspberry sorbet with mini macarons toppings, which was simply delicious and full of flavour. I loved the fruity and sweet flavour!!

I can’t wait to come back for another visit to Nadège Patisserie Queen St Ice Cream shop to sample the other delicious and sweet flavours!! For Nadège other locations, they only serve the soft serve ice creams, which has dairy in them. If you are interested for a larger flavour selection and the dairy free sorbets are available only at the Queen St location Ice Cream shop.

I definitely recommend you guys checking out Nadège Patisserie new Ice Cream Shop at their Queen Street location as you definitely will not be disappointed with their variety of selection and sweet fruity taste!! With the Trinity Bellwoods park located right beside the shop, it is the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing cold frozen dessert for the summer outdoors.

#2. Butter Avenue

My 2nd place that I’m recommending you go to is Butter Avenue. Butter Avenue is known for their high quality French macarons with their Japanese inspired flavours. As well they have a great selection of mini cakes, tarts and more. Butter Avenue is one of my fave macaron shops to go to so I was also surprised that they decided to add ice cream to their menu as well. I was even more excited when I found out that they had a dairy free sorbet as one of their flavours for ice cream.

Butter Avenue offers only 2 delicious flavoursUji Matcha (made with our direct import matcha from Uji, Kyoto) or the Strawberry purée (made with 100% real strawberry, vegan & dairy free) or you could have the swirl and taste the two delicious flavours all at once!

They recently introduced the Lychee Strawberry Sorbet sundae (which is the Strawberry purée the dairy free sorbet), which consists of lychee agar jelly, mini Strawberry macaron, Strawberry sauce and merginue cookies. What a perfect summer cold treat to have right?? Of course, I had to stop by Butter Avenue to try the Lychee Strawberry Sorbet Sundae and wow the strawberry sorbet was light yet creamy texture even with no dairy in it. I love the combination of the Strawberry sorbet with the lychee taste!! The perfect topping was that cute mini Strawberry macaron of course! This is the definitely the perfect summer frozen treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. You can have the sorbet to eat at Butter Avenue or to go option as well!!

Can’t wait to see if there will be more flavours of sorbets to be added to this summer menu!!

*Some delicious macarons I picked up*

If you are looking for sweet summer sorbet sundae, then look no further than Butter Avenue as I highly recommend you stop by to try their Lychee Strawberry Sorbet sundae and see why I love it soooo much!! You can also try Butter Avenue other desserts available at their store especially their macarons like I did, couldn’t resist picking up some delicious macarons.

#3. Touti Gelati

My last recommendation for delicious, sweet & authentic made sorbets is Touti Gelati. I usually have a few go to spots for gelatos and sorbets places. But I recently discovered a new gelato/sorbet place and I couldn’t believe that I never heard of it before and so excited to share with you guys because some gelato places don’t have a large selection of sorbets maybe 2 or 3 flavours. This is not the case for Touti Gelati because it offers authentic Italian homemade gelato and sorbets with many flavours to choose from. I love the large selection of gelato and sorbets with classic flavours to new fresh ingredients to make new fun flavours!! That’s why I instantly loved this cozy and friendly gelato/sorbet place!!

I’m happy to be sharing this new gelato/sorbet place with you guys!! They also serve gelato shake and smoothies, which is dairy free, 100% made with crushed fruit and free of artificial ingredients. I was too full from my sorbet to try it, but would love to come back next time to try it. As well they also serve waffles, crepes, and other pastries along with coffee and tea. I’m not sure if the waffles and crepes are dairy free, which if you are interested to try it you would have to inquire about it.

With so many flavours of sorbets to choose from, I finally decided on the Mango and Strawberry flavours and I simply loved the mango sorbet flavour!!! It tasted like a real fresh actual mango but in a frozen treat. You can taste the fresh and homemade ingredients to the sorbet!! I can’t wait to come back and try the other flavours.

Touti Gelati have 2 locationstheir original location is the Queens Quay one downtown Toronto and their newer location is at the Beaches area so East of Toronto near Woodbine Beach. I went to the Beaches location of Touti Gelati as it was closer to me and a great location near Woodbine Beach to stop by after the beach to enjoy a frozen dessert to cool down. I also can’t wait to try the Queens Quay location next time!!! For more information about location and more for Touti Gelati, please see below my post.

I definitely recommend stopping by Touti Gelati with their large selection of flavours for sorbets along with their authentic and homemade quality taste!

Stay Connected with Me For Updates

With the busy & fun adventures during the summer months, I will still be sharing more summer dairy free desserts places or summer food festivals to go. Don’t forget to stay connected with me for the latest updates on my blog & general updates through Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 and my foodie adventures on Instagram @SweetBFoodie24.

Been busy since my last post with unpacking from my amazing and wonderful Jamaica vacation as seen on Instagram where I posted a few photos and IG stories. Was feeling the vacation blues for a few weeks after my Jamaica vacation and took awhile to get back into work routine and catch up on things I missed. Now I’m back focused and always looking for new opportunities and ideas to share with you guys for delicious and dairy free dessert bakeshops.

I’m excited to be going on a last minute summer getaway to Montreal at the end of August!! It’s more of a personal trip to attend an event, but I always love going to Montreal (It’s been awhile since I been to Montreal maybe 5 years ago) and 1st time going to check out some new vegan and dairy free dessert bakeshops so can’t wait to share with you once my return. Definitely come back to check out that post later in the Fall!! My August is a busy month now with lots of events happening. Hope everyone has some exciting and fun summer activities and trips for 2018!!

For those really humid and hot summer days in Toronto, why not cool down with a dairy free sorbet frozen dessert and check out my Fave 3 New Sorbet Places – Nadège Patisserie, Butter Avenue and Touti Gelati. You won’t be disappointed with their sweet and frozen delicious selections!!!

As you enjoy these hot summer days cooling down with sweet, icy and light dairy free sorbet cravings, I’m back on the hunt for my next sweet & delicious dairy free dessert adventure to find the next yummy bakeshop to share with you all!!

Until next time…

-Sweet B.

For more information on my 3 New Summer Sorbet Places, see below:

#1. Nadège Patisserie – Website – click here

For Nadège Patisserie social media networks, please follow them on:

Facebook @NadegePatisserie, Twitter @NadegeToronto and Instagram @NadegeToronto

#2. Butter Avenue – Website – click here

For Butter Avenue social media networks, please follow them on:

Facebook @ButterAvenueCo, Twitter @ButterAvenue and Instagram @ButterAvenue

#3. Touti Gelati – Website – click here

For Touti Gelati social media networks, please follow them on:

Facebook @ToutiGelati and Instagram @ToutiGelati





My New Fave Homemade Gluten Free & Dairy Free Bakeshop, Almond Butterfly Cafe

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my sweet blog and hellooo to finally feeling like real Spring weather in Toronto!! I know, It’s been a longggg winter with snow and cold winter weather in April, crazy right?? 😉 I’m just so happy it’s warm again with higher temperatures and the beautiful sunny days are finally here!! I can’t believe it is May already too!! Seems like we are going from winter to summer quickly instead.  Hope everyone been surviving a colder Spring weather and ready for sunny & hot days ahead!

I’m excited to share with you a new gluten free and vegan dairy free bakeshop that I discovered a few weeks ago when the weather was a bit warmer out great for exploring downtown Toronto and found, Almond Butterfly Bakeshop & Café. It is located downtown Toronto’s vibrant Harbord Street Village near Spadina and Harbord close to University of Toronto St. George campus.

Almond Butterfly is a 100% gluten free bakeshop café that offers vegan, dairy free and paleo options. It is homemade and freshly baked goods everyday at the shop from fresh-baked muffins, brownies, bagels, cupcakes, cookies, scones and more!! They also offer toasted breakfast sandwiches and grilled lunch melts until 3pm, which is great to me that they can offer gluten free and vegan lunches for more options. Even though I still have wheat in my diet, it’s good to know and have my options open to try gluten free food as after trying at this bakeshop, I enjoy gluten free food. From their website, they use nut flours and nut oils in their baked goods to give their signature Almond Butterfly taste that their customers have come to know and love now.  They also serve espresso, coffee and tea, which their coffee is roasted locally by Social Coffee & Tea Co. Overall, a great range of selection for a gluten free bakeshop café that offers vegan and paleo options, which is rare to find in certain parts of Toronto and it’s great to see more cafes like these for people like me who is allergic to dairy.

That is why I like to share my discovery of dairy free or vegan bakeshops with you guys, my readers so you can know where to find these allergy friendly bakeshops to eat at and that they are bakeshops that are also good and delicious tasting ones to go to. 

When I arrived at Almond Butterfly for the 1st time there, it was on a busy Saturday late afternoon. The café was quite full already and there was a lineup, which in my opinion a busy bakeshop means the food here is good. The atmosphere was buzzing in a great friendly way with people enjoying their baked goods. Almond Butterfly is a cozy, quaint and down to earth feel type of bakery with their beautiful and simple interior design of the wooden walls, the lighting and splash of colour throughout the bakeshop. It was a smaller size bakeshop, but there was enough space for a few tables for people to sit and eat along with a small patio in the front. I love their variety of baked goods offered as mentioned before so it was a bit of hard decision to pick which desserts I wanted.

I ended up having a late lunch at Almond Butterfly Café and Bakeshop as they offer lunch sandwiches such as grilled melt sandwiches and decided to try one of them. I had the Harbord Melt, which is a deli-style turkey with apple and cheddar melt on a gluten free bagel. I requested the dairy free cheddar for my sandwich. I was so excited to try the grilled melt turkey sandwich and unfortunately it was a bit disappointing mainly I think it was a bit too salty for me, the fresh grilled apples was great addition though to it but I believe the turkey that was too salty. Not what I expected. But maybe next time I will be trying their pizza bagels to see if that one is better. I hope that they improve on their sandwiches!

But I really enjoyed and loved their baked goods more than their savory items. I ended up with 2 different types of cookies – Ginger Snap and Sugar cookies, which I didn’t take any photos as I was so excited to try them. My fave is definitely the Ginger Snap cookies, soft and chewy I loved it!! I had 2 cupcakes – Almond Jam Vanilla and Dairy-free Lemon Vanilla cupcakes (both were Dairy-free cupcakes as they just named one with DF lol). I enjoyed both of the cupcakes as they were moist and the frosting wasn’t too sweet either it was just the right amount of sweetness. I love the sour candies on top of the Dairy-free Lemon cupcake, yum as I love sour candies…😊 I really enjoyed the Almond with Jam cupcake though I was hoping there was jam inside the cupcake not just the top as it would have had more pop of a flavour to it. Overall, amazing vegan and dairy-free cupcakes from Almond Butterfly definitely would recommend them to everyone!!

Almond Butterfly Cafe & Bakeshop Exterior with a patio area too

Quick Update

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was working for a temporary Administrative work, but that is done now. Still looking for the right balance along side with my blog, but I’m happy to be refocusing on my blog again and looking for new opportunities. Update on my Facebook page, as of right now, it is temporary put on hold until things are less busier. It’s getting closer to summer season and usually I’m busy with day trips and food festivals so Facebook page on hold for now.

I’m really excited for my tropical and beach vacation to Jamaica in less than one week (leaving next week)!!! Ahhhhh!! I can’t believe it’s approaching so soon!! Looking forward to relaxing, refreshing my mind and body and just enjoying the sun, sand and pool days in Jamaica. Yes I will be posting a few vacation photos on my Instagram so don’t forget to follow along there for my photos & stories!

Don’t forget to stay connected with ME,

For the latest updates on my blog through Twitter @SweetBFoodie24 and my foodie adventures and vacation photos on Instagram @SweetBFoodie24.

Why not stop by Almond Butterfly Café & Gluten Free Bakeshop and see for yourself why I love this vegan, dairy free and gluten free delicious and tasty bakeshop offering a variety of baked goods! I highly recommend Almond Butterfly Café and Bakeshop and hope you love it as much as I do because their slogan says it all,

“No gluten. No wheat. No soy. Vegan and Paleo options.
Breakfast. Lunch. Espresso.
Amazing taste. Extra love.
… this is Almond Butterfly in a nutshell! :)”

Until next time, I’m off on my tropical vacation to Jamaica, but I’m always on the search for my next new sweet desserts craving…😊

-Sweet B.

For more information on Almond Butterfly Cafe & Bakeshop, please see below:

Check out their website – Almond Butterfly Cafe & Bakeshop -> click here

You can follow them on social media networks on Facebook @AlmondButterfly and Instagram @AlmondButterflyBakeshop.